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Video tutorials

Easy-to-follow video tutorials to help you improve in the studio.

Music production

Practical guides to using the tools of the studio.

  • How to make your mix super wide

    How to make your mix super wide

  • invite-collaborators-thumbnail-3_2.jpg

    How to invite collaborators

  • layer-drum-loops-thumbnail-3_2.jpg

    How to layer drum loops

  • Volume mastery

    Volume mastery: Essential mixing tips for beginners


Music theory and creative process.

  • basic-chords-thumbnail-3_2.jpg

    How to make basic chords

  • color-chords-thumbnail-3_2.jpg

    How to make colorful chords

  • chord-progressions-thumbnail-3_2.jpg

    How to make killer chord progressions

  • 5 tricks to improve your chord progressions

    5 tricks to improve your chord progressions


Recreate famous songs and get better at producing in the process.

  • recreating-billie-eilish-bad-guy-3_2.jpg

    Recreating Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’

  • how-to-sample-like-daft-punk-3_2.jpg

    How to sample like Daft Punk

  • recreating-stranger-things-theme-3_2.jpg

    How to recreate the Stranger Things theme

  • recreating-dua-lipa-physical-3_2.jpg

    Recreating Dua Lipa’s ‘Physical’ online


Get familiar with the building blocks of popular genres.

  • How to make future bass

    How to make a future bass drop

  • lo-fi-hip-hop-3_2.jpg

    How to make a lo-fi hip hop beat

  • trap-beat-3_2.jpg

    How to make a trap beat

  • squid-3_2.jpg

    Turning the Squid Game soundtrack into a horrorcore beat

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