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Soundation’s 12 software instruments can be used to make music online directly in the browser. Create your own drum beats, basslines, chords, and melodies with our drum machines, synthesizers, and sampled instruments.


Soundation’s online sampler allows you to import and use your own sounds as an instrument.

  • Included in all plans


    beatmaker module 8bit.png

    The Beatmaker is a sequencer that plays audio samples. It comes ready with kits in many styles but you can also make your own kits by importing samples and changing the envelope, pitch, and pan.

  • Included in all plans

    Simple sampler

    Simple sampler

    The Simple sampler is an intuitive online sampler that lets you create your own playable instruments from any sound. Import or record audio samples with full control over the sound and a wide selection of presets.

    808 drillslide
    Vinyl choir

Drum machines

Soundation’s online drum machines allow you to create your own drum beats with both classic and modern drum kits.

  • Included in all plans



    SPC is a drum machine. It plays drum samples and comes loaded with kits for EDM drums, trap drums, lo-fi drums, and more. You’re also able to alter the drum samples by changing the envelope, pitch, pan, and applying global effects.

  • Included in all plans



    DrumMachine is a drum machine inspired by classics like the TR-606, TR-707, TR-808, and TR-909 made by Roland in the 1980s. The TR-808 sounds are used in almost every modern hip hop and trap beat. The TR-909 has become a staple in acid, techno, and house music.

    808 kit
    909 kit


A synthesizer (or synth) is an electronic instrument that you can easily tweak to your liking. Soundation has multiple synths that each excels at different things.

  • Included in all plans

    Simple synth


    Simple synth is a straightforward and easy-to-use polyphonic synthesizer. Polyphonic means you can play multiple notes at the same time, which makes it great for chords.

    Chime pad
    Glass piano
  • $30 / year



    Europa is a versatile and powerful wavetable synthesizer made by Reason Studios. A wavetable is a selection of waveforms you can morph between to change the timbre of the sound. This allows for deeply complex and evolving sound design with the sky as the limit.

    Morphing bass
    Hopeful glitch
  • Included in all plans

    VA synth


    VA synth is a virtual analog synthesizer. Virtual analog means it emulates vintage analog synthesizers. This makes it a great choice for a retro 70s or 80s sound. It can be set to polyphonic or monophonic which makes it very versatile and capable of playing chords, basslines, and melodies.

    Funk bass
    Synth brass
  • Included in all plans

    FM synth


    FM synth is an online FM synthesizer and a faithful recreation of the Yamaha DX7. The sounds of the DX7 can be heard on countless hits from the mid-to-late 80s. FM stands for frequency modulation, which can produce complex evolving waveforms with metallic and glassy sounds.

    E. piano
  • Included in all plans

    Wub machine


    Wub machine is a powerful monophonic synthesizer especially great for creating gritty, growling, wobbling, and screaming sounds. Monophonic means you can only play one note at a time which makes it perfect for basslines and lead melodies. It also allows the notes to glide from one to another.

    French lead
    Murk bass
  • Included in all plans

    Mono synth


    Mono synth is a simple monophonic synthesizer. Monophonic means you can only play one note at a time which makes it perfect for basslines and lead melodies. It also allows the notes to glide from one to another.

    Dyno bass
    Chip lead
  • Included in all plans



    Supersaw is a synthesizer with a massive, bright, and lush sound. The special sound comes from multiple sawtooth waveforms being detuned away from each other. It’s also polyphonic, which means you can play chords with it.

    Future pad
    Flutter synth
  • Included in all plans



    Noiser is a simple white noise synthesizer. It’s great for creating noise risers, noise drops, sound effects, and percussion.

    Wind storm

Sampled instruments

Sampled instruments have audio recordings, also known as samples, mapped out on the keyboard for you to play. This makes it possible to get a realistic sound of a live instrument in a software instrument.

  • Included in all plans



    SAM-1 is an instrument that comes loaded with sounds from live instruments like piano, organ, guitar, and strings.

    House piano
    String ensemble
  • Included in all plans



    GM-2 is an instrument that comes loaded with sounds in the “General MIDI level 2” standard. Including anything from live instruments like piano, guitar, drums, and strings, to synths and sound effects.

    Yamaha grand piano
    Palm muted guitar

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